Monday, April 7, 2008


We set up camp tucked in the rocks trying to protect ourselves from the storm that was coming. Listening to the rapids was very relaxing. It had been a long time since I had camped next to a river and had forgotten how loud rivers can roar. We found the seclusion peaceful and were glad we had taken a more strenuous wildlife trail. It is a great mental escape compared to the day to day work life in the city.


We walked along the river bank looking for a place to set up camp. We were surprised by how nice and soft the sand was. Sleeping on sand is much better than on snow.


This is where the Boucher Creek meets the Colorado River.


This is a picture looking up at the rim from the bottom of Boucher Canyon. We were down to 2,400 ft. elevation. Our feet were sore from the never ending descent and we still had to setup camp. We just wanted to get our boots off and relax but there was no time for that it was getting dark.

Hiking in Boucher Canyon along the creek

Boucher Creek

We followed this little creek for 1.2 miles down to Boucher Rapids. We filtered all of our water out of this creek for 2 days. It had been a long time since i had tasted fresh creek water, not bad.


When we got down this far, to Boucher's Campground a real sense of accomplishment came over us as we looked back at what we had just hiked down. If you look between the two ridges on the right and left, in the picture, you are able to see the rim of the canyon. This gives you a little bit of a perspective of how deep this ginormous canyon is. We could hear water trickling. We had made it to Boucher's Creek.